YPG and Dawronoye provoke Assyrians in Qamishli

2016/04/20 | BREAKING NEWS

Yesterday night Sootoro/GPF was on their way to the Qamishli Airport in order to, as usual, bring home Assyrians who work there back to their homes safely. On their way there, Kurdish Asayish forces stopped GPF’s/Sootoro’s vehicle, arrested them and confiscated their vehicle.

Members of Sootoro/GPF who didn’t yet know what had happened to their fellow soldiers asked about their whereabouts. Asayish initially said they were not involved. Afterwards, Sootoro/GPF were informed that the imprisoned Assyrians were to be released – but they have not been released thus far.

Early this morning, the NDF and Kurdish clashed in Qamishli which resulted in deaths and injuries. During these clashes, one bomb detonated in the Assyrian core area, Wusta. Nobody was injured following the explosion.

Around one hour ago Dowronoye and Kurdish forces fired bullets on the main entrance to Sootoro’s/GPF’s training centre – the Agha Petrus Academy.

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