“We will defend ourselves until our last breath” – arabic

av | 2016/01/18 | BREAKING NEWS

The message to the Assyrian Diaspora is that the Assyrian people will remain in their ancestral land and continue to work for their people just as they have done until this day even if they have hundreds of martyrs and only one Sootoro/GPF fighter remain.

Sootoro/GPF does not seek the approval of any other group before establishing checkpoints. The only thing that determines the agenda of Sootoro/GPF is what is best for the Assyrian nation.

Kurdish groups YPG/PYD are claiming they stand for freedom and democracy, but that is not what the Assyrian people are experiencing in Syrian Assyria. The groups who are claiming they are defending the minorities are in fact attacking them and are trying to show them that the minorities have no place in Syria.

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