“The YPG-led attack was planned”

av | 2016/01/19 | BREAKING NEWS

The Assyrian Defence Force Sootoro/GPF does not work for any political party, but rather for the Assyrian nation with all its’ different names, and they do not have a problem with YPG/Kurds controlling their areas, but are saying that the Kurds, in the same way, should not have a problem with Assyrians controlling their areas – Wusta specifically.

Priests say that this attack was due to an individual within the Kurdish forces, but many claim that this attack was planned. YPG/Asayish came during the night when there was no electricity and destroyed the Assyrian checkpoints without trying to speak to Sootoro/GPF even though Sootoro/GPF intended for a peaceful solution. The claim that it was Sootoro who started attacking the Kurdish Asayish is completely refuted. Sootoro/GPF says they only responded fire after Asayish killed Gabriel Henry David from Sootoro/GPF.

Sootoro/GPF have no problem with the Kurdish people and specifies that YPG/Asayish is only a group within the Kurdish community.

A man named Shiyar from the Asayish forces came to Wusta hours before their attack and said that he was waiting for a decision from the leadership of Asayish before he acted – and he was one of the fighters of Asayish who destroyed the Assyrian checkpoint prior to the murder of the martyr Gabriel Henry David. This is another circumstance that shows this attack was planned from Asayish.

Sootoro/GPF fighters say that the peaceful nature of Assyrians and other Christians have been looked upon as a weakness, but the fact that all civilians of Wusta stood up for their neighborhood when the Kurdish Asayish forces attacked them, showed that the Assyrians will not let anybody step on their honor and that Sootoro/GPF will defend the Assyrian areas until the last drop of their blood.

Sootoro/GPF does not have hatred for any other people and says they are ready to work like brothers with anybody who wants to cooperate side by side with them, but they will not allow any group to dishonor nor disrespect them.

More and more Assyrians denounce the stance of Syriac Military Council, MFS, linked to Kurdish YPG, after MFS’ support of the Kurdish attacks on Assyrian GPF/Sootoro

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