Kurdish YPG-militia attacked Assyrian Gozarto Protection Forces GPF in Qamishli, SYRIA

2016/01/12 | BREAKING NEWS

The kurdish YPG-militia has attacked the assyrian Defense Forces in central Qamishli, Syria. One assyrian has been killed and three are injured.
After the bomb-attacks in central Qamishli, Wusta which is dominated by assyrians, several check-points has been established by the Assyrian Defense Forces to enhance the security, Gozarto Protection Forces, GPF. A few hours ago the kurdish YPG militia attacked the checkpoints and firefight broke up. According to information Assyria TV has received as late as 00:50, an Assyrian GPF military was killed and three were injured. According to the information the battles is still on going. YPG militia has previously made several attempts to take control of central Qamishli, Wusta but have been driven away by the Assyrian Defence Force GPF. As recently as two weeks ago, kurdish YPG militia directed their weapons against the GPF, but at the last moment the conflict has been blown off. After the bombings, 30 December 2015, were 14 Assyrians were victims of the attacks, many residents of Qamishli turned its gaze toward the kurdish YPG militia suspected to be behind the bombs. The YPG militia’s sudden attack on GPFS check-points in the middle of the night strengthened the suspicions against kurdish YPG.

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