Assyria TV Spotlight – Kurdish YPG Militia Attack Assyrians in Syria

av | 2017/09/06 | Nyheter, Politik

Kurdish (Muslim) YPG is systematically using the Dawronoye group to break Assyrian unity and create provocations that can give Muslim Kurdish police a pretext to take over the last neighborhood in Qamishli, that is controlled by Assyrian police force of the GPF/Sootoro. This happened most recently on Thursday, August 31, 2017 when a Kurdish member of the notorious Asayish shot the Assyrian Sootoro guard Thomas Jan Hagopian sharply in his neck; a clear attempt to kill the Assyrian guard. After an investigation by Assyria TV’ s local sources, we can finally provide our viewers more on this. Below is the brief summary of this serious incident:

Security measurements were taken and agreed upon by all the different armed forces in Qamishli to provide special security for the Muslim feast Eid al-Adha (Kurds are Sunni Muslim); These agreements included not to allow motorcyclists to pass freely, to prevent suicide bombers arriving at praying and celebrating civilians. At 19:00 (7 pm) a motorcyclist, dressed in ordinary civilian clothes was stopped at the Assyrian checkpoint by a patrol of the GPF/Sootoro at the Sevan-Wahda crossing in the Wusta district, an area protected by the Assyrian police force. When asked about his identity, the Kurdish motorcyclist refused cooperation and boosted about his membership of the Muslim Kurdish Asayish. Then he picked up his cell phone and called Asayish armed groups. Two pick-ups with armed men quickly responded and arrived at the checkpoint. The two Sootoro guards, Hanna and Thomas went to each car that turned out to be part of the Asayish Muslim Kurdish armed group. They tried to explain the drivers of the cars about the situation. Other Assyrian Sootoro patrols also arrived. Suddenly the motorcyclist took out his gun and shot Thomas, the Assyrian guard, in his neck. Then shootings between Assyrians and Muslim Kurds began, where about 5 militiamen from the Muslim Asayish were injured immediately. It is known that the Assyrian Sootoro has orders not to attempt to kill the opponents when shootings occur during such interventions between different neighbouring armed forces. This also explains why the Assyrian Sootoro group took the injured muslim asayish members immediately to the local hospital for direct treatment. Hanna of the GPF/Sootoro was detained by the Kurds.

Bishop Maurice Amsih and some Arab clan leaders from the Shammar tribe immediately came to mediate between the two forces to calm down the situation. Meanwhile, Sootoro stopped different Kurdish muslim Asayish patrols and arrested 15 of their members, among them were two that arrived by the pick-up to support the motorcyclist that caused this clash. The arrested muslim Kurdish asayish, however were treated very well. They were provided with food and cigarettes. Several hours after midnight, six of them were released according to the wishes of the mediators. Further negotiations made the release possible of the remaining nine at dawn.

The Assyrian GPF/Sooro demanded from the leadership of the Kurdish muslim Asayish to make a public statement explaining that it was the Asayish who caused this incident, and that their member, the motorcyclist, should be prosecuted and that this court should be watched by trusted observers. Wise from earlier experiences of the so-called verdict against Asayish Kurds that killed the Assyrian leading officer David Jendo, the people of Gozarto have a very low trust in the Muslim Kurdish judiciary. The leaders of Kurdish Asayish blamed, like many times before, the cause of this event, third-party provocations and sometimes they even point fingers to the Syrian government. But the true provocateurs are known and have been since a long time the pro-Kurdish group of the Dawronoye, that are real puppets of the Muslim Kurdish PYD/YPG. During this particular event, the Assyrian Sootoro Guard Hanna has witnessed, after being released, that he heard how members of Dawronoye MFS encouraged the Muslim Kurds to free their arrested members by force from the Assyrian Sootoro during beginning of this incident. In this TV program, we provide a number of previous examples of how PYD has used Dawronoye as a tool for breaking the unity among Assyrians and other Christians in the Gozarto region of Syria. Since a long time, Dawronoye carried out several attempts to provoke the local Assyrian police force, the GPF/Sootoro, which the Muslim Kurdish local rule hopes one day to eliminate.

The injuries of Thomas Jan Hagopian are not life-threatening, but he had his vocal bands removed and can no longer speak. He has to communicate with his colleagues of the Assyrian police force through signs and eye contact.

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