Support “The Guardians of Civilization” project

2017/06/14 | Nyheter

On June 13 a campaign of fundraising was launched  at KickStarter (see the link below) for the documentary about Assyrian identity by a Slovenian film team. Mr. Eric Valencic, one of the filmmakers, describes the project as follows:

– The Guardians of Civilisation is a story about Assyrians in Nineveh. Specifically it follows the story of two artists Thabat Mihael and his son Nenos (and their family) Refused to flee from Iraq and are about to return to their town Bakhdida, three years after Mosul’s fall to Daesh. Thabat and Nenos are dedicated to restore what can be restored of the destroyed Assyrian cultural and historic heritage.

If you would like to support the project, please visit the following link:

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