Bachir Saadi about Syria-negotiations “Geneva 4”

2017/03/03 | Politik

The ADO representative of the so called Cairo-platform, Mr. Bashir Saadi, tells about the ongoing Syria peace negotiations in Geneva 4. According to the UN resolution 2254 the platforms which consist the recognized opposition are those formed in Cairo, Riyadh and Moscow. The superior negotiation committee is, however, formed by the Riyadh Platform, where Mr. Abdelahad Estaifo is the ADO representative.

The three platforms do not agree yet on the fundamental road map for peace when it comes to

  1. The transitional rule
  2. Constitution
  3. Presidential elections

Russia, Turkey and Iran are currently the main actors, but the US administration will soon show its strategy towards Syria, Mr. Saadi believes, because the major powers want to ensure their own interests in Syria and the rest of the region; for president Trump to erase IS and for Russia not to end up in the mud like previously in Afghanistan in 1979, Mr. Saadi adds.

As to the ethnic rights of the Assyrians in the new constitution, we can not take them for granted if we would not be a part of these negotiations, Mr. Saadi says.


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