Meal organized in Brussels in solidarity with the Assyrians children of Qamishli

2017/02/05 | Kultur

The Assyrian Federation of Belgium, Burdja d-Babel (La Tour de Babel) and the Syriac Institut of Belgium (Institut Syriaque de Belgique) organized a meal in october 2016 to financial support the Assyrians of Syria. With the support of the International Solidarity Service of the municipality of Etterbeek (Brussels). Several representatives, including the mayor, were present at this event. The benefits of the meal went entirely to the education of the children of the Assyrian schools of Qamishli.

The funds has been used to fund the enrollment of children in the Assyrian schools and to purchase school supplies.

Herewith, the letter from Qamishli, confirming the use of funds raised in Belgium :

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