ADO leader about Geneva 4 and the ADO-Dawronoye agreement

av | 2017/02/21 | Politik

The Secretary General of the Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO) Mr. Gabriel Moushe is commenting the latest development of the peace talks in Geneva 4 next Thursday, as well as the joint statement ADO and Dawronoye issued on February 5.

As to the claims of Dawronoye on social media that the group called the Christian Body, where ADO is a member, would have recognized the supremacy of the Kurdish self rule, Mr. Moushe says the Christian Body is only a joint group to serve the Assyrian citizens in practical daily life issues and safeguard their properties. It is not an organization to recognize or denounce any political body.

ADO has not issued any official statement on the on-going conflict within the Syrian Orthodox Church because it is an internal matter of the leadership of the church, Mr. Moushe says, adding ; However, it is well known that the issue is not about the faith, but a result of old conflicts. It may also develop to a positive solution where important reforms will be done and where the civilians will have an important role on the decisions within the church, he says.

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