Patriarch Younan: Reconstruction is the responsibility of the West

2016/12/09 | Debatt, Historia, Identitet, Politik, Religion

The Syriac Catholic Patriarch, Joseph III Younan, currently visiting Germany, says the Western countries, who tried to export their democracy, have a big responsibility to reconstruct the devastated countries of the Middle East – especially the Nineveh Plains. He visited Nineveh and the rest of Northern Iraq recently after the liberation from ISIS, and witnessed a total destruction of the Assyrian towns. The reconstruction may occur in two ways, he says; one is the physical rebuilding of homes and towns, the second is a human reconstruction which means that the non-Assyrian neighbors who caused the indigenous Assyrians so much pain must work for reconciliation to the Assyrians whose ancestors founded the civilization in Iraq. Then the Arabs and Persians came as intruders, he adds.

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