Dr. Samir Afram and Abdulmesih Barabraham about Stiftung Mor Afrem’s work.

2016/11/02 | Kultur

Dr. Samir Afram founded the Mor Afrem Stiftung (St. Afrem Foundation) in 2007 in Gronau/Germany with a capital of 100,000 Euro from his own pocket. The main objective of the Foundation is to support needy Assyrians, regardless of their denomination or church affiliation. In addition, the foundation supports educational as well as national projects.

Today the Foundation has reached the capital of 1,250,000 Euros, invested in different project which are generating revenue. All aid comes from this revenue. Currently, it is spend for humanitarian aid for displaced Assyrians in Syria and Iraq, as well as cultural projects.

As an example, the Modern Assyrian Research Archive (MARA) Foundation in Sweden (http://assyrianarchive.org/) has received some funds and will now be supported further by the Mor Afrem Foundation, according to Dr. Samir and Abdulmesih BarAbraham. The latter is chairman of the so-called Curatorium of the Foundation since four years.

Assyrians willing to help his needy relatives in Syria and Iraq could benefit from routing his support through the Foundation which is willing to double its amount, if payment is made through this foundation, Dr. Afram adds. Also, Dr. Afram would like to gather other Assyrian foundations to cooperate in supporting Assyrian project in Assyria or elsewhere.

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