Kurdish Court justifies confiscation of Assyrian land in Nahla

2016/10/07 | Debatt, Historia, Identitet, Politik

The Kurdish local Court in Sarsang, Nohadra (Duhok) decided October 5, 2016, to give the Kurdish occupier right to keep the building he has erected in an agricultural field in the Assyrian village of Julleh, Nahla district. Mr. Mikhael Benjamin of the Assyrian political faction Bnay Nahren, explains the reason for such judgement; Based on false testimony and changes in the law 2008.

April 13, 2016, the Assyrians of Nahla demonstrated against the occupation but were prevented by Kurdish police to march to the capital Arbil. The Assyrian Diaspora reacted as well with manifestations and protests agains the Kurdish occupation and preventing the locals to ask for their rights. This led to the government of KRG in July 25, 2016, decided that the illegal building to be demolished. The Kurdish family appealed to the court, which now has decided to its favor.

Even though the Assyrian owner of the occupied land has ten days to appeal to a higher court, the Assyrian community lack confidence to Kurdish courts and their “justice”. We need to reach to international courts to get our rights, Mr. Benjamin says. He urges the Assyrian Diaspora organizations, such as the Assyrian Confederation of Europe which is holding its first convention this weekend, to act and made their voice heard once again. This is our only chance for a justice, he adds.

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