ADO representative on latest attack in Qamishly

2016/07/29 | Debatt, Politik

A huge car bomb exploded on Wednesday 27 July in front of the headquarters of the Kurdish PYD and Asayish in Qamishly, where about 45 were killed and about 160 injured, and demolishing many buildings in the neighborhood. Mr. Keriakes Kourie, the chairman of ADO Syria Branch, says that ADO has in a statement condemned this violence against the civilians. He also informs on what happened and what speculations are made about the perpetrator. The PYD itself is accusing the regim but the ADO consider it more as a work of ISIS. Some Assyrian activists have raised the question why PYD has declared three days of national mourning in Qamishly which forces everybody to close their businesses, but the Kurdish administration did not do the same when several attacks targeted the Assyrian part of the city. To this matter Mr. Keriakes Kourie replies that the Kurdish local administration is copying same methods as Baath used for many decades. The Kurds impose their power by arm force, not by representing the will of the inhabitants of Gozarto. And this will not lead to a peaceful coexistence or security in Qamishly as long as other groups are kept outside the administration, he says, adding that this explosion is so far the biggest in Gozarto but probably not the last because of the different militias and political interests in the region. The day the different parts get part in the administration, not to forget Arabic element who may sympathize with ISIS, the security in Qamishly may have a bigger chance. Mr. Keriakes Kourie is at the same time the principal of the Assyrian St. Gabriel School, where an suicide bomber targeted Patriarch Afrem II Karim recently. He says that it has been two bomb attacks  in front of the school, targeting not only the school itself but the wa

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