Lecture about Assyria TV

2016/04/10 | Nyheter, Politik

Why is Assyria TV arisen?

There are many television stations of our people, but which radiate only two in Western dialect and both stations have made in the past with their coverage that the Assyrian movement down throttled. Since the Assyrian movement had no media voice. For this reason it was necessary to establish Assyria TV. We saw it when the Patriarch is first come to Sweden. Here the Assyrians, the doors were opened because they had a medial voice.

What role playing Assyria TV?

These are the martyrs from Khabour. Each white that Assyria TV has reported much about the murder of David Jendo to beginning believed the whole world that the Islamic State (IS) is responsible for the death of David Jendo. This but Assyria TV has further researched about this murder, it was proved that the YPG was behind this murder. The YPG provided plays a role in our nation because the Doronoye under the control of the YPG are. If it would not give Assyria TV, we would have to accept all this lie.

On this screen, the martyrs of Doronoye are listed among others is also the martyrs from Khabour David Jendo would killed by YPG but also listed here as a martyr of Doronoye.

Assyria TV financed by about 30,000-40,000 € per year. There are lots of Volunteers in Assyria TV. Cooperation with ANB satellite works without contracts, both transmitters is all about the coverage of news for our people and the advantage can achieve our people thereby. Assyria TV grows slowly but well, in Germany, France, Syria, branch offices have already been established. In Switzerland it is still under construction.


Nabil Anne: Can Assyria TV achieve what against the splitting of the people?

Dikran Ego: For the cleavage of the people Assyria TV can not. There was beforehand a transmitter for the group of Syrians and the Doronoye. If you look at it positively, it is not a disadvantage if there are several TV stations. The Competition is good for business. We report generally do not only have the advantage of the Assyrians but the spectators. Our aim is to bring the news out to be true no longer.

Andrawuz Banibal: Why Nuri Kino has distanced itself from the Assyrians even though he is an Assyrian journalist?

Dikran Ego: he would even answer this question. I can only speak about working with Assyria TV. He was invited by us to debate the studio to talk about his work but he did not accept the invitation. Before brief the European Parliament has recognized that the IS has committed against the Assyrians Genocide. Nuri Kino and his institution have proclaimed the spring. A year ago, he spoke of a protection zone for our people in Iraq, now it’s a year ago and where is the protection zone? Today it is still so that our people bleeds and is driven from his home. One should our people do not sell dreams. The reality is different. Why he behaves and several names for his identity used I do not know. He that is not open to a debate in Assyria TV, has probably something to hide.

Fatrus Gabriel: How is the statistics of the audience?

Assyria TV has from the beginning of an increasing number of viewers and by ANB satellite more viewers become aware of Assyria TV.

Simon Kaplo: Have conversations about the injustice which is inflicted on our people by the Kurds occurred? Has Assyria TV contacts with Kurds?

Dikran Ego: Some say we have a phobia against the Kurds we do not like the Kurds. This is not true. Personally, I also want that the Kurds get a country, we have no problem with it. I sat down with the Presidency of Eden YPG from Scandinavia two months ago in Sweden and had invited a representative of Barzani. Ahmed Turk, we have also invited into the studio but do not come. What, these spectators of us? Should not we go about our business? Should Assyria TV does not radiate the truth? Shall we swallow the lie of David Jendo and the bombings in Qameshli etc. ??

Johann Roumee: What awaits Assyria TV of the Assyrian organizations?

Dikran Ego: The Assyrian organizations and associations should ask a question? How was it before Assyria TV? Which media opportunities they had? As they made their voice heard?

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