ADO refutes Suroyo TV’s accusations

av | 2016/03/21 | Politik

On a news report on Suroyo TV in february 27th 2016, one of the leaders of ADO Bashir Saadi was accused for profiting on the on-going crisis in Syria and selling Assyrian properties to non-assyrians in Kameshli. jag Karim Issa from ADO who is currently living in Sweden and is the one owning the current plot, refutes all accusations and argues that the Dowronoye consciously wants to present a negative picture of ADO as part of their kurdish agenda. He says that ADO has through out the years been in contact and in good relations with the Dowronoye in Gozarto, but nowadays they feel desperate due to lack of support from the Assyrians in the area. According to Issa, the reason is that the Dowronoye lack a self-will at the moment and are completely cobtrolled by the PYD, part of PKK.

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