Is the European Parliament’s decision on genocide just grandstanding?

2016/02/16 | Politik

The European Parliament recognized the ongoing persecutions of Assyrians and Yezidis in Iraq and Syria as genocide the 4th of February. Several organizations such as ADFA, A Demand For Action, and politicians such as Lars Adaktusson worked for recognition of the genocide. Spontaneously, many Assyrians have celebrated the decision. But what does the decision mean in reality? What power does the European Parliament have to support the decision? One year ago, the European Parliament approved a resolution regarding a protected zone for Assyrians in the Nineveh Plains. What have they done about that zone? To pay attention to the EU’s decision on the recognition of the genocide and the protected zone, we have invited the commentator Konstantin Sabo and Afram Yakoub, from the Assyrian Federation. We have also invited ADFA, A Demand for Action, to the program but they have not responded to our emails sent 9th of February.

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