Fatrus Gabriel about the exhibition of the Assyrian Genocide

2016/02/20 | Kultur

The Institut Syriaque of Belgium and the Archeoforum of Liège present an exhibition on the Assyrian genocide “Seyfo 1915” wich is helding in Liege-Belgium from 28 January 2016 to 5 March 2016.

During the opening, on Saturday 30 January, around 150 people were present, including the Budget Minister, two federal deputy, the first deputy mayor of the city of Liège and representatives of different religions.

This exhibition includes information panels, objects on Assyrian history and culture, photos and artistic paintings of Saïda Goriya (coming from Enschrede in the Netherlands) and Mussa Melke (coming from Brussels in Belgium).

Local and national medias (news papers, radios and TV) have disseminated information about this exhibition.

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