2015 was a year of suffering for our people

av | 2016/02/01 | Politik

We wanted to finish with 2015, but thas was not granted to us. Qamishli, the city of culture and language, is the mother of the cities in Syria. The atrocities in Saddad, Qaryatain and Khabour have called back our terrible memories to life 100 years ago. Ironically, in 2015, where we had the 100-year commemoration of the genocide in 1915, also at the end of 2015 Qameshli should feel the same suffering.They want to meet us consciously and purposely so, this message was intended for our people. But after this terrible bombing, we have heard of the injured people, that none of this deters to stay there.These people who want to stay in spite of these difficult times there, deserve our highest respect, and support. We must help them, we must stand behind them, especially our people living in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands so that Europe and America. Our people in Qameshli are heroes, they love their city. Many of them say that there’s nothing can separate us from this old, rich and cultural city Qameshli. They have shown that they want to defend their city together all hand in hand. The goal is not to kill or to wage war, but to protect their city and the people living in this city. The bigger message from our people in Qamishli after the bombing assassination was unity, regardless of the religious denomination that they belonged to.

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