Assyrian federations reach out to Syriac Aramean organizations, call for cooperation

av | 2016/01/28 | BREAKING NEWS

Below the letter sent to the Syriac Aramean organizations by the Assyrian confederation of Europe

Dear board members of the World Council of Arameans (Syriacs) we are sending you this letter today to invite you to meet with us as soon as possible in order to discuss how our organisations can cooperate in these difficult times for our people in the homeland.

We believe that there must be room for cooperation beyond our different views on history and ancestry. Our call is for a meeting to be held as soon as possible and for this meeting to be without any preconditions.

We believe we can and must find issues we do agree on and which will strengthen our continued presence in the lands of our forefathers.

As we are all witnessing the attacks are increasing and the attempts to drive us out of our homes in Syria and Iraq are constant.

We are sending this letter and call for cooperation to our brothers and sisters in the Syriac Aramaic federation as well.

On behalf of the board of Assyrian federation of Sweden


Afram Yakoub, chairman

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